A Review of PinReach – The Leading Pinterest Tool For Small Businesses


I love using my marketing dashboards and enterprise tools to assess social media performance; Hootsuite, Klout and Google Analytics come to mind.  Now there’s PinReach, a Pinterest-based marketing campaign analytics tool.

Many people will be excited about having a score to measure their influence and engagement of Pinterest activity.  To me, the real power of PinReach is in its lead generation capabilities for small business and social media marketers.

The PinReach site has been logically structured to accomplish two major goals: assessing Pinterest marketing engagement and identifying marketing leads.



The top navigation of PinReach focuses upon finding ‘leads’ for marketers. The analytics of PinReach are broken down into the following segments:

Highest Reach

This is the Pinterest leader board, or at least of those signed up for PinReach.  It ranks the top users by score. When you click on the profiles, you can see an analysis of their most popular pins and boards, influential followers, and even some downloadable charts.

Trending Pins

Provides trending pictures of PinReach-registered Pinterest users

Trending Members

Selects random members who are growing their follower base.

Recently Checked Scores

Presents random members who have recently been on PinReach.

Score Details

This link generates a meta-report showing the decile distribution of PinReach users based on ranking. The modal is between 30-40.


The second major section of the PinReach site are the four tabs that cover your Pinterest engagement metrics.

Influential Followers

Analytics. The Analytic tab indicates the user’s PinReach score over time with the number of changes organized pins, repins, likes, liked, followers, following, comments, boards and community boards.

As part of the Analytics tab, users are given a rank between 1 – 100. The score is based upon gathering followers as opposed to simply following others. Users are seemingly given a better ranking for repinning than for pinning new content.

The Analytics tab gives a good overview of the user’s recent activity,centralizing data into a single dashboard that can easily be printed or shared through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+.

Boards. This tab offers many of the same statistics as does the analytics tab, except it breaks down the metrics for your boards.

Pins. The Pins tab lists up to 10 of your most popular pins with how many times each has been repinned. You can also see the pin in question.

Influential Followers. This tab analyzes your top followers.

Overall, PinReach is a convenient way to gather and organize information about the effectiveness and activity level of a Pinterest account.

To begin, create your own Pinterest login.  Pinterest is only available by invitation right now.  Email me to get an invitation.

The next step is to sign up for a PinReach account using either Facebook or Twitter.

Once an account is created, connect PinReach to Pinterest through your Pinterest username.  PinReach will then pull in data from Pinterest to calculate your account’s stats.

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