Wei Sun Christianson, A Successful Woman In Male-Dominated China

1500 men and 3 women.  That was the gender breakdown at my first banking conference back in the 80s.  Times have changed somewhat here in the US, and they are starting to change across the globe.

Today, the finance world is still male dominated; yet there are powerful women who have carved their own paths.  Wei Sun Christianson is such a woman: savvy enough to work her way up to the CEO position at Morgan Stanley China.   She is operating in a country run by elderly statesmen and holding her own.   I understand how much work and determination it took for her to get there.

She managed to do this without compromising her femininity, and while raising two children.   Granted Wei Sun could well afford child care.  Her husband also had a job flexible enough to accommodate her career needs.

Her rise has been meteoric.  Since her appointment to the managing board in 2007, she had expanded Morgan Stanley’s businesses opportunities in China.

One key to Wei’s success was her maintenance of a strong network.  She never lost touch with anyone, starting with her time at Amherst College, through Columbia Law School, and into her business career.  Several of her largest business deals were helped by relationships she nurtured over a 30 year career.

Read more about Wei Sun Christianson here.

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